Few words about me

Who I’ve been?

A young boy who couldn’t find his place in Polish education system. Kicked out from many schools, not fitting to any social frames dreamer. Rebel teenager, run away from home to find peace in drugs. In the age of seventeen touched bottom. Closed in neuropsychiatry hospital for a rehab, taken to MONAR – institution treating people with heavy addictions. Separated from outside world, deprived of freedom.

Raised by deaf parents. Since early age living in a world different than other kids knew. Since 2005 lives in the UK. Both of his children Maksymilian and Livia were born over here. In the age of three Maks was diagnosed with severe autism. That was a turning point in Niko life. While being over thirty he decided to change his entire life to better understand his so different from each other children. Graduated Early Years Education at Edinburgh College, received an award of Student of the Year and SQA Star Award.

Blogger and Youtuber. Author of video series Alphabet of Autism and book “The A word”.

For living works as a nursery nurse in public nursery in Edinburgh as well as Dad’s Worker for nonprofit organisation Children 1st. Dad’s Worker – sounds grand! He is helping father to build better relationships with their kids and understand the idea of affection. Trying to be a support for them in the new role of a dad, making sure that they are becoming better dads.

With a time flying Nikos idea of a family was changing. Once a devoted husband, now happy partner but most of all loving dad. Believes in the idea of happy childhood no matter what. Despite the relationship with a mother of his children being ended, he is fully engaged in their life using method called co-parenting. In his free time, he writes, plays guitar, record videos and is collecting new tattoos. Every single day proving that being dad is the most rock’n’roll thing in the world!

There is no taboo topic for Niko!



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