Welcome to my blog – This place became my home from the very first post I made. It was a sunny afternoon in August 2016 – quiet surprising for Scottish weather conditions. My history with blogging started years before that, with very simple blog in English about my family life and everyday battle with autism.

If you would like to work with me, make your product or service to appear on my website or start any other type of cooperation, please do not wait any longer. My blog is visited by an extraordinary group of people. My readers are very often parents of autistic children but not only. After publishing “The A Word” – a book about the journey of a family through autism of our son Maks (so far published only in Polish but in 2018 we should have an English version of the book for you!) I was invited for conferences and readings. That brought to my blog therapists and counselors but as well people interested in a different approach to education and psychology.
You will find over here posts about parenting, fatherhood but as well disability. That all together creates a unique environment, different from other parenting blogs.

Most of parenting and lifestyle blogs are visited mainly by women while the gender statistic on my blog shows that my readers are represented in the same proportions. The largest group of readers is in age 25-34 years after that 18-24 followed by 35-44 years old. This group of readers is characterized by developed consumer perception but as well mindful engagement into social life.
An unconventional mixture of topics like parenting, early years education, existential dilemmas of a grown-up man, who despite troubles and issues is living his life the best he can while still raising two amazing kids in a rhythm of rock and roll.  All of that makes me as a blogger look authentic in the eyes of readers and my blog is hard to forget.

In September of 2017, I was invited to one of the biggest blog conferences in Poland – Blog Forum Gdansk Conference. There is few upcoming next year which participation in I already confirmed.
Next year will be marked by lectures on conferences about autism and learning disabilities, publishing new book about co-parenting of separated/ divorced parents and translating “The A Word”

I would happily establish valuable cooperation. I am open to offers, however, I would like to present you with few ideas :

  • unique blog post with a sharp, funny twist promoting your product or services
    workshops, lectures, and readings (especially anything about fatherhood, building relationships with children and autism with PECS included)
  • sponsored trips, photo-story about almost everything (it has to look good with my ginger beard, tattoos and absolutely stunning kids)
  • test of your products in extreme conditions – we will see how will it deal with an autistic boy, naughty girl and rock and roll in my bloodstream!
  • long-term cooperation
  • advertising of your product on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Sponsored posts will have a note about them being written due to cooperation.

Why should you choose me? There is no better rocking dad than me!

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