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An app based on ABA for children with autism spectrum disorder

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Dr Omnibus

Since 2013, he has created an equal opportunity in children’s education

Dr. Omnibus creates modern, comprehensive and multimedia tools that support the therapy and education of children with special educational needs.

Supports parents, teachers, and therapists in working with children through training, publications and guidance materials to help the youngest.

ABA Dr Omnibus Home

We support ABA Autism therapy at home to help your child reach their full potential. Experience the ABA DrOmnibus Home, and see for yourself how quickly your child can acquire valuable skills and have fun!


  • 7000 tasks in 36 diverse games for children aged 3­–6  that support Early Intervention for ASD Children


  • Areas covered: Colors, Shapes, Vegetables, Fruits, Digits, Emotions, Occupations, Parts of the Body, Animals, City, Home, People, Nature, Activities, Matching Pictures, Hot and Cold, Soft and Hard, Dry and Wet, Light and Heavy, Fast and Slow, and Objects and Attributes

ABA Dr Omnibus Pro

The BCBA tool for autism therapy with ABA DrOmnibus Pro app. Experience the ABA DrOmnibus Pro and see how it improves the efficiency and effectiveness of autism therapy.


“The Inclusive Education Program can be one of the additional components that can enrich the therapy of pre-school children with autism spectrum. Through interactive games they acquire and develop not only cognitive abilities, but also focus attention.”

Synapsis Foundation

“We are delighted to be able to work together with the DrOmnibus team to promote inclusive education and to spread knowledge about the needs of children with developmental challenges and their families.” We join forces, exchange experiences and inspire each other to help better. ” Foundation for Struggle Support

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